It's a great pleasure to announce that the world-premiere of the cross-media project was sold out and it had a great presentation during the opening of the international festival November Music 2012.

The artistic and intrinsic qualities of Cloud Messenger aroused interest of the media even before the world-premiere, below is an except from the well-known Dutch TV program Vrije Geluiden.

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Press about Cloud-Messenger:

- And versatile is the latest production of e.g the Russian-Dutch composer Fred Momotenko. Just as the festival itself had wished ... a creator from now with electronics, projection and magical music for recorder and dance: Cloud Messenger, (VPRO, Dutch TV broadcast).

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- Fred Momotenko’s Dust Against the Wind (NL) would make excellent film music, which you would expect. (review from international Festival World Music Days 2012)

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-The initiative of the Dutch-Russian composer Fred Momotenko to interweaving music, dance and multimedia with each other is in all respect admirable, (Radio 4, blog Eigentijds).

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- Fred Momotenko, who previously interviewed by Thea Derks for Radio 4, Eigentijds and, has presented Cloud Messenger, the three quarters of dance, projection, acoustic block-flutes sounds and electronics. It has provided a solid multimedia spectacle (, website about 20th and 21th century music).

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A grateful gratitude and a high esteem for all support, effort and confidence.